About our Staff

The Crew-  It is an eclectic bunch, but everyone is committed to providing you the best product available.  Everyone has their own artistic contribution to the finished product. What an awesome team!!
Flounder- At the age of 18, Jon AKA “Flounder” , walked into the studio looking for a job.  In the past 15 years, he has become a world class painter and right hand man.
Charlene- She’s the one that keeps everyone in line.  Working in the fishing industry for the past 16 years, she has heard many fish stories.  She can’t wait to hear your story, and she will make sure your order will be treated like it was her own.
Vinny- Paint, Prep, and finishing is Vinny’s specialty.  He started grinding over 10 yrs ago and is learning something new all the time.
Turtle- The mold man!  For over 10 years, he is the man that gets the process started.
Oscar-  The newest addition to “The Crew”.  He is the one who is on it all the time, and is always the one who says;  “I Got This Dude!” or “No Problem Dude!”